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Blood Pressure Measurement

Purpose of Blood Pressure Measurement Group

Blood pressure measurement is one of the most common medical procedures.

Blood pressure measurement is perceived as an easy process because of the simple equipment. However, the meter, the person who is measuring, the person who is been measured and the environment may cause inaccurate blood pressure measurement. Automatic blood pressure measurement instruments at home and the spread of measurement of blood pressure at home has increases the importance of this issue.

The Blood Pressure Measurement Group of Turkish Society of Hypertension and Renal Diseases, aims to inform the correct information to community and health professionals about Blood Pressure Mesurement at home and health centers.

Recommended Resources by the The Blood Pressure Measurement Group

Correct Blood Pressure Measurement

To download the film, click here. (36,4 MB)

The film, which lasts about 12 minuets, film consists of 3 parts:

1. General information about Hypertension

2. Blood pressure measurement at home

3. Blood pressure monitoring at home

·      Follow-up form of blood pressure

·      General information about blood pressure monitoring at home

·      How blood pressure should be measured at home?

·      How blood pressure monitoring should be done at home?

·      What should I consider when measuring blood pressure?
        (Job list for the automatic equipment which measure from the arm )

·      What is the importance of arm circumference, how it is measured?

·      What should I do before going to the doctor?

·      What should I consider when buying blood pressure monitor?

·      List of tools available for purchase in Turkey

·       Pictures of blood pressure measurement (for aneroit and mercury instruments)
        (Will be added soon.)

·        How to check the calibration of the aneroid instrument ?

·        World Hypertension Day 2012 brochure.

·        World Hypertension Day 2008 brochure.
         (Theme: Measure Your Blood Pressure ...at Home!)


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